Welcome to Canada1st party of Canada’s website.  We are a Federal party with specific vision, mission, and goals: “to put Canada and Canadians first in every decision we make as a Government.  If you are a Patriotic Canadian, Permanent Resident, Landed Immigrant and Resident….WELCOME TO THE TRIBE!. 

We are NOT part of or beholden to the corrupted and inhumane Globalists/Communists/ NWO/ UN/ Great Reset/2021/2030Agenda. 

Major political parties (plural) in Canada who are in on the UN and globalists plans are bent on turning Canada into a 3rd world country and bankrupt Canada on steroid using their progressive socialist and liberal ideologies.  There’s nothing progressive about their plan for the people of Canada. 

Look up which Federal political parties supported, endorsed, promoted and signed the UN Global Compact of “open borders” in 2015, and another party signed it in 2018.  We as a Country cannot allow this to continue; we have to put Canada’s and Canadians’ interests first!  


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