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I have been awake certainly for a while, like maybe 2018, but preceding this I got into near-death experiences, around 2015….Having Watched the movie Heaven Is For Real, which kinda got me started. Since I retired at the end of August 2018….I had time on my hands….and fell gradually down the rabbit hole. I currently follow 254 U tube channels…a number of bitchute and Rumble channels was on facebook …kicked off as well as twitter! Currently on Gab !!!!! My family and friends think I’m nuts….But ….as Popeye the the sailor would say….”I’z am whats I’z am….”…Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong…Nothings gonna change that !!!!! The world is a changing and that my friends is a total positive!!!! Our CREATOR is taking care of his children!!!!! Thank God for Donald J. Trump and all the wonderful people and “OTHERS” that are saving US and Our wonderful planet !!!!! WWG1WGA