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Gr8 Awakening

‘Just my opinion’
I’ve been researching, listening, copying, pasting, searching and ‘all’ that.. for YEARS.
I learned that the ‘alleged’ governments are NOT governments back in 2010 when I found out how ‘corrupt’ it all is and decided to TRY to fight the banks based on Common Law (of the land) and found out that (1) there weren’t any ‘common law lawyers’ to help with my case. (2) That court judges were mere ‘bankers’ which is why you ‘never’ win and why it ‘always’ has a price. I did this and ‘lost’ 2 houses. Canada is a Corporation ( a bankrupt one) just like the USA. (Which is why Trump will be in charge of the USA REPUBLIC) and why Romana talks about Canada’s REPUBLIC.
After putting all my energy into my fight.. I took a break and went back to ‘learning and listening.’
EVERYONE wants the corruption gone NOW.. they don’t want to DO anything ’cause they don’t know what to DO.
While we sleep, there are missions taking place where BRAVE patriots are taking out the bad (on our behalf), exposing the corruption and are HOPING that we WAKE up enough to not allow this to happen again.
I come in here and what do I read? MONEY!! WHEN will we get our DESERVED money! etc. etc. etc.
WE have learned nothing. When you put ‘material’ crap in your focus along with your EGO.. YOU will get nothing. If you do, you haven’t changed your ways and probably still wear a mask.

If you have researched N/Gesara it’s not just about YOU .. it’s about HUMANITY. It’s not JUST for you but for ‘everyone. Research WHY we are getting help. If you can’t DO anything, try researching and WAKE OTHERS!

We have won the war but there will ALWAYS be some evil. The tunnels have been cleaned out in a huge percentage.. even those that we’ve been parking our cars above.. Where are they ask? Research. WHY were they there? Research. WHO cleaned them out? Research.

We’ve been LIED TO for generations so it’s NOT going to happen in a day.. there’s so much to do. Search for TRUTH!
Be patient and we will ALL get there.
Peace to those who CARE about humanity! WE are ONE!
P.S. DON’T take the VACCINE (Sharing)