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Adam Jasey

Hi everyone,
New member too. Also newly awakened. I took the red pill! I regret nothing. Just wanted to share my story with people who care. I can’t tell anyone in my real life.
Anyway, my parents are pro-mask losers. My whole family is actually. Sad but true. Dad took me to get the vax even though I told him I didn’t want to. It didn’t matter. We went through the whole thing. Stood in line. He went first. When the nurse told me to go to the station, I walked over but kept walking into the waiting area. No one noticed. Not even my dad. The whole thing is a giant shit show. Anyway, dad joined me. When they said my waiting time was up, I walked up to the nurse who takes your info and I just asked her where the bathroom was. She pointed out of the gym and I just left. It looks like I went through the whole thing. No one knows. My health card didn’t get put into their system. Anyway, I feel bad about lying but not too bad. I said what I wanted and was ignored. Not my problem. Anyway, glad to have finally found a home with true Canadian patriots.

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