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Good for you for faking the process. I think most of my family have taken it as well. I asked my 95 year old mother not to, and tried to explain to her why, but, she just didn’t understand my resistance. She insisted that they wouldn’t put something out that wasn’t good for you (she was a RN). I think maybe she was just doing what was expected of her in her assisted living facility. My sister is a retired pharmacist, and hates Trump the last time I had heard, but also hates jt. Not sure if her youngest son has convinced her otherwise about Trump. He may be the only one that rejects it only problem is they live in Toronto. Don’t know where the oldest boy stands, his wife is a researcher gaining her second doctorate in stem cell research in Boston. The middle boy is in Vancouver, but travels a great deal for work, may have been told he had to have it. My brother who knows? Even my closest friend refuses to listen to some of the happenings. She believes in Trump and what he is doing, however, she refuses to blieve in some of thoses involved particularly the royals. She took the jab I think because she wants to continue travelling. She may be able to take her cruises, however, I’m not sure she will be able to get to them by air.
The unwoken are going to be in for a mighty big shock when they do finally wake up to what has been going on. I fear that we the ones awake for going to have a hard time explaining to them that they just wouldn’t listen to our “conspiracy” theories.
I think that it is about time for some of the tribunals & executions to be brought to the forefront.