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Gr8 Awakening

Good for you Adam. We are ALL living in troubling times. When my doctor’s office called me to come in the for the jab.. I simply said:
‘It’s experimental. It’s NOT a vaccine. There is NO pandemic. My insurance wouldn’t cover me if I had side effects as will no one else. Therefore.. I won’t be taking the jab and furthermore.. YOU can have mine.’ That was the end of that.
My son who shares a lease with me in Ontario (he has PTSD) is also awake and will not take it. I’ve tried to wake many. I feel horrible for those that ‘have’ as they will DO what they are told and THAT’S how we ended up in this mess.
Their intent (the Deep State) is to stop ‘humans’ from multiplying for three generations. (which is why this jab affects both male and female productive organs.) They (Biden and Trudeau) have a quota to reach (for vaccinated) and they will not meet it.. which is why Skippy is pushing the jab desperately. The jab will also affect their immune system now which will make them sick during the flu season. Stay awake, stay strong and stay true to the TRUTH.. in the end, God Wins! PEACE!