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Hi, CanadianFighter, Altair, Lynn, Gr8, rpwzxc … a great thread to launch, CF!

I chuckled at rpwzxc’s comment … for I must confess, strangulation has crossed my mind, more than once, with one of my major issues (weaknesses) being intolerance of blatant ignorance.

Altair’s reply to CanadianFighter, seconded by Lynn, makes a whole lot of sense – and CanadianFighter’s thoughts on the skilled counselors, is dead on. There is an expression that says, “so smart their stupid,” and meaning no disrespect, but I have experienced this on many levels, and being a ‘friends in low places kind of guy,’ I must confess the best advice can often come from the common person long before a judge who endorses child porn as art (B.C.), some years back. Think of it as Trump the businessman, not the politician, and accomplished more than any President before him. Trudeau, is like 99.9% of politicians, who are a chip off another crooked/fake block, as corrupt as they get.

Using the current USA predicament, my first suggestion/thought would be that Canada must reestablish itself as a Christian nation. All faiths welcomed with free expression, but out laws are not being changed, nor education to accommodate other faiths or warped life perspectives, being dangerous to all, especially our children; it’s good to be a peacekeeping nation, and yet, not good to surrender our values and principles that are ground on an inerrant and infallible truth, beyond question.

In closing, for example, if it were not for the USA today, Canada and the world would not be as hopeful as we are, and the USA itself would be under by now; the Cabal needs the USA to fulfill it’s agenda, to begin its global communist takeover. Nearly half, if not a little more of 400 million American’s (give or take), still believe ‘IN GOD WE TRUST,’ and considering we were both (USA/Canada), founded on Judeo-Christian principles, although sadly and gravely distorted by man-made denominational pride, we are where we are, but still a Christian nation worth resurrecting with huge potential including ‘ALL PEOPLE,’ to grow into a nation envied by the best.

PS: The greatest asset to any nation, or company, is its diverse culture, and means of learning from each other. Canada must grow its own appreciation for its English/French characteristics, to be seen as an English/French country, with full respect and entitlement for all; what an excellent example to be set!