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Lynn, my brain is continuously flowing. Sometimes to my detriment.Personally, I am in agreement with Altair that they need to get to the real nasty things. People are not going to realize everyone that are involved. Some will think that it is only the politicians, not realizing that their own next door neighbour may very well be invovlved. They need to know that all walks of life are involved. People that we thought were powerful, spirit-filled Christians in the ministry and evangelism, to royalty, politicians, doctors, lawyers and actors. Many are not going to realize the most of Hollywood is gone. Very few known actors will remain to fill some gaps.It will become a whole new industry. Can you see the reactions of parents & grandparents who learn in this manner that all the entertainment that they have given to their children was actually corrupt. Like Everything Disney. And the places that they shop. Even though it hasn’t really been brought up I have seen references to Walmart being involved, I read that there was an entrance to one of the tunnels in the US near the backdoor of one of their stores. They were also partial owners of the EverGiven, along with the Clinton Foundation.
The EBS is going to have to be an extremely powerful message, along with the three movies that they said would be running simultaneously, day and night. I expect these movies will be highlights of many of the wicked things that have being taking place, as well as some of the recovery processes of the operation. From what I understand the ‘Sounds of Freedom’ is going to be one powerful movie.
What we really must do is pray, like we have never prayed before that this operation is completed quickly so that we can get on with the lengthy healing process. My thoughts are truly with the children. I continuously think of that picture of the special ops officer cuddling the small child, it breaks my heart to know these children have been treated in the ways that they have been. Let’s pray for their recovery.