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Shannon, what I have heard in regards to Manitoba I have to agree with you. However, I don’t think there is anywhere in Canada right now that is not corrupt. Every career politician is following the same narrative, like they don’t want to step on any toes on parliment hill, and will not speak out. All of these same politicians should and will wind up in tribunals for not protecting their constituents from the rogue deep state. Why do they do it? Because, they are either part of it themselves, or know all about it.
As for the “Human Rights Museum” it should be completely destroyed. Or, renamed “Non-Human Rights Museum” the place where we get away with everything inhumane. This is just another one of those Deep State money wasters.
Pray for your province, pray for our country, and pray that the right leaders will rise up to assist Romana in rebuilding this wonderful country. If we can’t do this small thing then how can we expect for God to help us?