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Not sure which you are seeking proof for. However, I will guess at “common-law”. To find out more about this check out Christopher James is extremely knowledgeable about this and is fighting the courts. This website has a whole lot of information, that should help you understand it more, and this is Canadian law. There is also something similar going on in the US, which from what I have heard sounds fairly similar. Faith is a big step, you obviously took a step of faith by joining this site. How long had you known of Romana Didulo when you did so. I know this feeling I have been there, and still am. I so seldom go to the mainstream that I hardly know what is going on in my own community. I see alot of smoke in the air, so, I presume there are fires in the vicinity. I check the wildfire sites to see where they are. Everything I see on the mainstream has been covid, covid, covid.This is Divoc(backwards) which is apparently a demon, any further questions on that one?
God Bless, just remember have faith.