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Most of the real news isn’t going to come out until the Operation has taken place. You need to do your own research. I know it is not easy to find the networks you can trust, it is a case of learning how to read them. There are many out there. There are some that Do Not trust RealRawNews, however, I do, although, the dates and times for most of the cases have been altered. Some of those that have been executed were done some time ago. They have had their tribunals and have been executed accordingly, these announcements are being fit in to fit the agenda of the White Hats.
Killery is dead she was hung, they are claim in April 2021, however, I heard that she and Bill were both executed at the end of 2018. Her last meal was scrambled eggs with jalepeno peppers and a strawberry shake. She apparently wanted a martini, but was denied that.
David Zublick of the Dark Outpost, apparently has documents of the arrests and executions which he includes with a paid subscription to his Inner Circle. You can join that and have the documents sent to you.
One site where you can discover various networks is “Before Its News”, not everything is believeable, but like I said you need to read what they are saying with you heart, and get the real feel of what is being said.
Some of the ones I like the best are:
Charlie Ward (seems to have been everywhere & seen everything)
Mel K (terrific researcher)
Scott McKay (Patriot Streetfighter) (Saving the children and restoring the country)
Amazing Polly (Canadian) (terrific researcher)
RealRawNews (mostly about tribunals & military action)
Michael Jaco (former Navy Seal and CIA (one of the good ones)
Robert David Steele (former operative)
Monkey Werx (military flight operative)
also check out

Anyone that is a known former operative you can be reasonably certain have an inside scoop. However, they are unable to say anything before they have been authorized to do so.
Not sure what else to say. Believe what you believe don’t let others give you self doubt. Many won’t believe you until they see it on the mainstream, and that isn’t likely to happen, being that they will probably be taken out before they actually breakdown to reality.
I have a close friend that I thought was totally in on the operation, until I mentioned the royal families involvement, and then it was “the queen & Philip wouldn’t be involved in that), I had to quit mentioning anything that I was discovering. I have heard that they are all deceased. The queen died a few months after Philip, and Philip’s death was about a year before the announcement.
The information coming out from too many sources for it not to be factual, there just might be some variants in the facts.
The variant from Romana the other day, that Trudeau is deceased was a new one to me, the last I heard was that has a microchip implanted and is under house arrest. What we see in the news are doubles, with careful observances you can see differences between the real and the fake.

The biggest thing that you need to do is your own research (DO NOT USE GOOGLE or WIKIPEDIA you won’t get facts). Try DuckDuckGo as your search engine, and they don’t store your searches. Also, for your safety, if you do not have a VPN, get one it will protect your computer from hacking and from being found). I live in BC and my VPN says I live in Australia. I know that it is working because some sites I go into tell me that I cannot access them from my location.
I hope this is helpful to you. I know research is not may strong suit, never has been now that I am nearly 65 I am learning more about how to do it.
Perhaps, someone else can give you better advice.
Good luck, people will critize no matter what, they are just not ready to hear the truth.