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nucam, I believe that it is truth. You need to learn to ready Donald Trump, he often talks in code. Like when he spoke of the JAB, he mentioned that people should take it at their own discretion. He wanted to bring it out as an emergency measure, so that the Biden Regime could not make a mandatory. Keep an open mind to what the President says, if it sounds kind of strange coming from him, read into it that he is saying something all together different to confuse them.
As for the gold–different sources different amounts.
Mel K mentioned that there is $10 quatrotrillion in gold and treasure found under the Vatican & Buck House. Today, I read that Gene Decode said there was a googolplex worth.
10 quatotrillion = 10 to the 45 power or 10 with 45 zeros after it.
a googol is 10 to the 100 power so 100 zeros
a googleplex = 10 to the 10100 power.
Now that is a whole lot of gold to have been found and will be distributed around the world from whereever it came from.