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To go back to the question of what we would like to see in our future communities, I love your suggestion of a new transportation system, maybe based on the new technology that will be released, like some kind of high speed anti-gravity train. That would be wonderful! No more roads and dangerous winter driving!
To add to what the gentleman living off grid was mentioning. I see a whole re-education in the area of personal health and taking responsibility for our well being. Also re-educating of all the medical professionals (on the whole planet) about biology and the benefits of healthy eating and living to PREVENT disease instead of being the drug pushers of the pharmaceutical industry. With the ‘medbeds’ coming, some will probably be trained in that field and the rest might become natural health practitioners. Health and biology taught in the schools should become mandatory. How to take care of your mind, body and soul is the foundation of a thriving humanity.
Another thing I would like to see in every community is healthy drinking water and clean air. No more poisons in our water, like fluoride and God knows what else! A structured mineralized water like Nature intended. Clean air restored to its original oxygen level so that we can THINK more clearly.
Converting unused office buildings into affordable housing. Eliminating the street drug problems in our society and housing the homeless. Every human being deserves the basic requirements of life. I don’t know of any mayor of any city addressing this issue. Like Romana points out, the corruption runs very deep.
Reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit towards projects that bring VALUE to humanity. This way, you can actually feel good about going to work because you are making a difference. No more ‘soul-sucking’ jobs… With the release of all the hidden technologies, this will inspire the younger generation to get involved. I think there will be so much to do that the majority of people will be excited to be part of the transformation. Once we are financially free, our creativity will soar and we will want to be part of the ‘re-building’ process. We’ll need to replace words like ‘job’ to ‘vocation’ or ‘mission’, ‘lifework’, ‘assignment’… A motivating pep talk to all Canadians will surely get the ball rolling.
Communities will also need a new breed of mayors or ‘Humanitarian Councillors’ to address the particular needs of that town or city and to facilitate the roll out of the new technologies.
School counselors becoming true ‘liaison counselors’ directing students to their appropriate ‘vocation’. It will be important to educate these counselors on all of the possibilities that students will have in the future. I see counselors having a very important role of ‘liaison’ between the school and the new world demands for new world professions. Students will be able to dream again about their future and the value they can add to society. The low consciousness mindset of ‘competition’ elevated to higher consciousness concepts like ‘cooperation’, ‘alliance’, ‘collaboration’.
I could go on and on…
Would love to hear more suggestions…