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Lynn it will be interesting to see where some of the young people in college now, will turn with their careers. I particularly think of my nephews wife. She is presently working on her second doctorate in Stem Cell research. With medbeds this is going to be totally unnecessary. She wants to be a professor, perhaps she will have to learn about the operation of these medbeds and teach the future of these devices. She is only a year or two away from this degree. My nephew is right on par for whats coming as a Mechanical Engineer, he will just have to reeducate his area of specialty with the changes that will be taking place in regards to HVAC.
I love the idea of the anti-gravity vehicles. Everyone is going to need reeducation, at 65 I wonder how I should re-educate myself. Yikes! Am I ready for more education?
Percy, with your interest in history, you might want to consider re-writing history, sort of doing a comparison of what we were led to believe, and what is reality. I was watching “Fall of the Cabal” a 10 part compilation which was most interesting. I think she covered pretty much everything, also mentioning the need to rewrite history. I saved planning to send it to friend. I have written a note to include telling her that if she is not ready to except the entire narrative, then she shouldn’t watch any of it. She totally disagrees with the Royal Family’s involvement, and wouldn’t even consider the fact JFK jr might still be alive. I can’t imagine what she would say if I told her that Diana might still be alive. I think she would freak, she doesn’t have a whole lot of good to say about her basically thinks she didn’t have the right to play around on Charlie, even after their divorce.
I’m not a zombie or horror movie type either. However, I always enjoyed disaster movies. I guess we are in the middle of the biggest disaster movie in history, and it is reality. Should be interesting when somebody (perhaps Mel Gibson) creates a movie of this time in our lives.
Funny, you discribe Telegram exactly like I would. However, I read just this morning how fabulous it is I haven’t found anything that I particurly agree with was never a fan of the non- social media, so finding a replacement wasn’t that difficult. YouTube was easy to replace with Rumble although I kind of miss some of the movies, I could get there, but I don’t want any more to do with Google. Although, I do admit I use Google Translate, since I haven’t found a good replacement for that. I was on Facebook for a time, but I spent too much time playing CandyCrush, not really doing the communication thing. Was also on Yahoo! but we all know what kind of a disaster that was. I guess I will just stick to Rumble.
I definitely think something is about to happen for real. My Easter Cactus is blooming. Sounds like a resurrection to me. I heard that Aug 11th may start the 10 day blackout. That could be our beginning to a brand new God filled world.