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Lynn, you mentioned converting office building into affordable housing. That is something that would definitely be required, however, what we will need first will be facilities for the mentally disabled, as it has been pointed out by Mel K, there are going to thousands of people that are going to need mental help assistance before they will be able to live on their own. Perhaps using some of these office buildings for a commune kind of facility clinic, where they can move into and have a roof over their heads, but also get the counselling required. This kind of facility should be one in which the residents do the work themsselves, (under supervision). Each one would have scheduled rotation of chores. So, everyone is doing a series of different tasks, not the same thing all the time. In doing this they will be gaining confidence in themselves, learning how to do everyday tasks which could very well lead them into work skills. So, they will be learning cooking, cleaning, maintence and possibly gardening depending of the facilities. All of this along with both group and personal counselling will help them become healthy, independant individuals.
There would have to be live in supervision so that if there are any issues at night they can be taken care of, and the rules of the house would be adhered to. Eventually they would graduate into outside paid work, wihle still living on the premises, so that they are still maintaining the supervision, until they eventually are able to move out on their own. This is when the affordable housing will be needed. Even after they have moved out on their own. There should still be counselling available to them if they feel they need it.
If any of those they are dealing with have drug dependencies, then rehab is going to be necessary with different levels of care before they can move into the previous care. This is going to require more than just counselling, this is where we may still require doctors, to work with them. Medbeds would be used, but I am certain it will take several episodes to rehabilitate those that require that.
This is going to be a long process depending on how respondent these people will be. I’m sure the Medbeds will be the biggest help of moving people through the system quickest. But, everything takes time. The biggest issue with the drug dependents will be that they need to want to be rehabilitated.

Not sure if I got my point across. It is kind of difficult to explain.