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I expect what you would be referring to would be Canada 2.0. This will probably explain things best if it is accepted.
Canada 2.0 Is Forming Now… Canada 1.0 Is A Horror Story We Have To Leave Behind So That We Can Truly Live!!
July 21, 2021

Canada 2.0 Is Forming Now… Canada 1.0 Is A Horror Story We Have To Leave Behind So That We Can Truly Live!! O.N.E. News
People don’t quite innerstand why the leaders are coming at us with mystery needles, as they poison the food, air, water and soil, as they brainwash as many people as possible with fake science and fake friendship, into blind obedience, and now it’s time to figure this shit out! Why can’t they seem to find the who is taking the children and the women???Why are so many in debt, depressed, and trapped in a land that is free, rich and abundant? I know there’s lots of confusion out there, and I too, am confused… but I’m interested in sorting that out, and this is why I’m writing this article… to help others who may be confused, and doing so helps to bring clarity to my own confusion. We do have a shared dream to not be confused… hehe… I hope… so let’s get going on this… You know, as we deal with our confusion, it brings clarity, and the clarity helps increase our energy. I know lots of us are tired with dealing with the collective, and our own miscreations that are the inevitable result of the confusion. So let’s get unconfused together. Some of what I’m about to share is going to bring up anger, more confusion, doubt, perhaps rage, and will challenge many people mentally and emotionally on a very deep level… just know that it’s all getting better and trust and have faith always, in a better way, even when things are good. Things haven’t been great for Canada 1.0 since the day Canada 1.0 was born. It was always a lie… and everyone got sucked in… so very long ago. I’m going to make some points here…

1. Canada 1.0 was never a free country, it has ALWAYS been an enslaved colony… not a day went by, by which it hasn’t been… UNTIL NOW, that is.
2. Canada 1.0 was built on suffering… and we all are learning just how much the natives have had to suffer… but everyone along the way has had to carry a burden by which they didn’t know existed. So not only was Canada birthed on the suffering of natives and settlers, it continues to this day.
3. Canada 1.0 has to keep Canadians down otherwise Canadian would break free of the colony… the old Canada I speak of… in order to run a successful colony, you can’t let the colony get to powerful you know… wink wink… and so it has always been that way. Canadians were always kept down. Always, and it’s true in recent times, but it doesn’t have to be true today. They had to keep us down financially, by controlling all the resources and sharing as little as possible with the people…. AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. Gee… I remember growing up in the prairies, and never saw local fish in our stores, even though our province of SK supposedly has 10000 lakes. The food has always been poisoned. There is a food war, so that we go without proper nutrition, and are also poisoned in ways we cannot comprehend. It has always been this way, but it’s gotten pretty bad lately.
4. Canada 1.0 had to sell Canadians on what being Canadian is… a national marketing gimmick… folks, this is hard to see, but basically Canada the country is a marketing program. It’s an idea… it’s ideas from bad people. Face it… all of it had to be approved by the queen of england who was never the legit queen at all. It’s like someone stealing something, and then claiming it as their own… it isn’t their’s… stolen goods do not belong to the thief, otherwise we all could steal each others’s everything, and claim it, because we have it…. life doesn’t work that way. The universe does not work this way. The universe is not the wild west where everyone steals as much as possible.
5. Canada 1.0 tried to steal it’s way to prosperity… but it can’t. No one can steal their way to prosperity. Sure, it might look like they get away with it, but not when it’s challenged, because there’s no legit basis for claiming ownership.
6. Canada 1.0 NEVER HONOURED THE TREATIES, and thus, lied from the beginning. This is really hard for people to digest, but there are no treaties without good faith. If you make a deal with someone who intends to rip you off, the deal is null and void… legally so. There are actually no native treaties, because Canada the fake colony was lying to the natives from the beginning and made this a really long lasting habit.
7. Canada 1.0 has to kill itself, and it’s at war with Canadians. In case you haven’t noticed, your leaders haven’t been ‘very Canadian’ these days…they have been serving foreign interests and always have, but now it’s just gotten real bad… real, real bad. People who have joined in the lie, in order to personally benefit. Now, all these sellout people, are breaking up Canada and they are at war with Canadians. Canada has to be at war with Canadians, so that Canada can die. The sellouts do not want Canada to exist as used to exist, because they have to destroy ‘nationalism’… the same ‘nationalism’ that they created with their marketing gimmicks, and the natural-formed shared values, beliefs, and attitudes of all Canadians. They have to destroy Canada for the new world order, so that the dream for a one world under satan can come to fruition, on some levels, the planning for this started thousands of years ago. Maybe we’ll leave the talk for reptilians for another time except…
8. If the crown is ruled over by reptilians, then so too was Canada. Does anyone really know why those ‘red lions’ are on some of the provincial flags? I know this is a joke for some people, but so what… the truth is funny sometimes, and even, scary. Yup… the whole world is basically designed to be a human colony for the reppies, which is the same as the one world under satan… who do you think trains the satanists, or should I say, ‘trained’ the satanists, because the reptilians are being removed from the planet. Read David Icke’s material for more on this subject, he did a fantastic job!
9. Canada 1.0 is trying to kill Canadians and all life… now this has been going on for awhile, as we know from the murdered missing native women and children. We KNOW this. This isn’t really something up for debate… this is something to realize, so that we can move beyond it. Canada poisons Canadians as much as possible, from fluoride, GMO, chemtrails, non-organic food, poisoned soil-air-food-water. Would you be surprised to know many of the fires are started with lasers? Research it… it’s not open to debate, it’s already in use. Guess which country is likely doing THAT ONE to Canadians? Who wants B.C and the west to be ‘reconfigured’ for world plans?
10. Canada 1.0 turned all of Canada into a reservation… but worse than a native reservation… more like a Chinese concentration camp. At least on a reservation you can walk outside, but Canadians were even deprived of that, because of the covid scam. Yes, it’s all very scammy. We remember they just locked everyone up, and even locked the country up, even though they had no real basis, or right to do so. They did this because…
11. Canada 1.0 thinks the people are the property of Canada. It’s true… we’re not even seen as spiritual loving people… only property. The economy is based on human property… or as they like to say, ‘human resource’. But we are so much more than that, but Canada never wants us to rise to our fullest potential… always holding us back, for it’s own sinister purposes.
12. Canada 1.0’s new economy is based on surveillance and enslavement. C’mon, surely you can see this… there’s no real economic plan at all to benefit Canadians… THEY DON’T EVEN PRETEND TO HAVE A REAL PLAN, AND THEY PRETEND TO CARE AS THEY DESTROY ALL REMAINING INDEPENDENCE FROM THEIR MEDICAL TYRANICAL CORPORATE SOCIALISTIC-COMMUNISTIC HYBRID FROM HELL!
13. Canada 1.0 wants everyone hooked up to 5G which means they want to microwave us to the point of death. To ensure this they put heavy metals in the food, and in the chemtrails, and blanketed all of the land with poisons for years, which would have killed everyone, if it wasn’t for the galactics who have been neutralizing the most harmful effects of the chemtrails.
14. Canada 1.0 wants our weather to be fully controlled. They want HAARP to blast the sky, so that the weather is created for dark reasons. Remember, the key to Canada is to keep everyone down, and so they do this with weather whenever possible.
15. Canada 1.0 wants to keep control of everything we do, and monitor everyone at all times. This is the true reason for the push for 5G. The new economy is based on information. They want to be able to know us better than we know ourselves, and they do. Canadians are monitored so much that even the toilets with infrared, are basically taking pics of our butts! Yup… I can’t prove this, but it’s a theory many share. The tvs have cameras and microphones, they want kitchen items to have cameras, sensors, and microphones… they want us to bug ourselves with countless bugging devices, and to brainwash us into thinking of it as a new conveniences. There are stated plans in action to slowly turn over independent businesses into shared joint partnerships with Canada…imagine having a business partner who is trying to kill you and you’ll see how that’s gonna play out.
16. Canada 1.0 wants to inject us with mystery needles… countless needles… whenever it wants, and it wants everyone to shut up about it. This is against the Geneva Convention relating to forced medical tyranny… but Canada thinks it’s okay if everyone’s doing it. Yeah… and they will use fake science, propaganda, mind control, when we can cure all illnesses if we raise our frequencies, and create a world that supports ourselves. We don’t have it yet but we shall… with…
17. Canada 2.0 is an evitability. It’s obvious Canada 1.0 (the colony pretending to be a country) is destroying itself… what is going to take it’s place? Oh, how about Canada 2.0… we make it a real country this time, and it’s a country of the people, and these people are at one with the planet and all other countries. How about that? It’s inevitable and it’s happening now. There has been activity one could notice over the past few years, where one-by-one dark forces are being removed from planet earth. It’s been known that even Queen E., ditched Buckingham Palace and she’s not likely to return. Canadians have never been in control of our destiny… it has always been at the expense of our dreams, were we given a few perks here and there… but life is so much more than what our dying country allowed. It didn’t support our health, our dreams, the planet, and it didn’t support true leadership of the people, for the people. There IS a backlash right now, and people are ready for change… but the people don’t know who to believe and who to trust. Well Canada 2.0 is based on some concepts such as: World peace, solar system peace, galactic peace, spiritual growth, christ consciousness (wisdom, power and love). If we all support each other’s fullest physical health and spiritual development, emotional health, and mental health… and share the planet so that we all benefit, then it’s going to be real good.
18. So don’t be discouraged as to what you’ve learned, or what you see, or what you think will happen. Know that everyone ready for change, and more want more change every day…. we’re snowballing into Canada 2.0, because Canada 1.0 doesn’t really have much to offer us but a few crumbs. Canada 2.0 will have free energy, spaceships, restored environment, galactic visitation, crystal tech… it is an era of love and unity, and I feel it’s worth it for everyone to give it energy until it manifests. We all have our special roles to play, and Creator leads us through our hearts. In Canada 1.0, it never even acknowledged that we have hearts… that’s why there’s so much chaos… when we accept ourselves as galactic humans ever-evolving, we have the potential to approach a reality built on unlimitation, instead of tired, old ideas, that no longer work. I wish you well.. you are very important to the whole, and the circle is evermore complete with our heartful presence. Blessings, abundance, peace and prosperity we must create ourselves by our own hands, hearts, will and with our Creator, He/She will guide us… so be it! It might take some practice… but just drop Canada 1.0… leave the layers of imprisonment, and run wholeheartedly into a country that will be based on our shared dreams. No one is going to deliver our dreams to us… so in a lot of ways, we’re starting from scratch, but we have so much experience as well, it’ll be a renaissance of incredible proportions… believe it, to see it. Don’t be afraid of the work, and don’t be afraid of the challenge… remember together in love, we are victorious, and it’s not open to debate!
If you don’t know who trust anymore… you can resonating with love with:
Mother earth
Your spirit guides
Your lightworkers
The galactic federations
The elementals
The inner earth beings
Archangels and all angels
Anyone genuinely in service-to-others, but it’s hard to know sometimes who that is
The Spiritual Hierarchy
Anyone authentically loving
19. Canada 2.0 Will Have ET Visitors… If you don’t know who to trust, then you’re drive yourself crazy… start getting good at trust, and start with trusting yourself, because our lives are dramatically changing forever, and there’s no tangible map at the soul level because the reason for living is to have experiences to figure ourselves out without being told what to do, to gain higher consciousness and a deeper relationship with all creatures, and our Creator. Majorly significant as well, is that earth is soon to have off-world visitors… and it might look to the uninitiated, like a hostile takeover… but face it, that for now, humans don’t know how to manage this planet, and so we are getting help… it might be time for the children to step aside (that’s us), and realize we can’t drive this bus…. we need help! We have asked for help and we shall receive help… so don’t be afraid of the help that’s come to save us. Ask for their presence now… because they’re not openly operating in their new stewardship yet. We have to get to know the don’t we? Yeah.
20. Canada 2.0 will be based on service-to-others. Why? Because when we are in service to others we can benefit by our unifying light. Canada 1.0 was based on competition, and all that did was make everyone broke, sad, sick and miserable! Is this good enough? Anything less than heaven on earth, will no longer be acceptable. Maybe you’ve been stuck in Canada 1.0 and didn’t realize there even is a Canada 2.0 forming… check out the new Queen of Canada’s Telegram page, she’s talking lots about Canada 2.0, and she’s got many amazing stories to share. Well… I hope this provides a glimpse into the bigger picture and the opportunities, blessings and challenges we have before us.

I found this on O.N.E. News, by Indian in the machine