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We cannot “hand pick politicians” like we can randomly select “Federal Contract Jury”. Doing so is an abuse of power in itself….It removes the power from “the we the people” to elect their own government. Only dictatorship Countries and absolute monarchies hand pick their politicians…

As to placing provisions protecting their private employment – while this is beneficial to the government of the day…this is not beneficial to the private sector…i am sure many business owners will not like the idea that their employee can take off for 2 years and leave their company internal structure in chaos.

especially, if the individual is in upper management…we cannot leave our private sector hanging for 2 years without their top people…we have to be fair, just, and balance.

as regards to limiting our politicians, ie…they have to be born in Canada to run for office…that will not fly in Canada…this Country is built by immigrants and one only has to look to see that we have politicians who were born in Canada, incompetent and corrupt to the core, who despise Canada, and destroying Canada right in front of our eyes.

what we need are people who have the intellect, competence, loyalty to Canada and Canadians, patriotic, empathetic, and someone who cannot be honey trapped. loyalty to Canada rather than self is key.

where the individual is born, is not a measure of their loyalty and patriotism to Canada. as earlier mentioned we have Canadian born politicians, destroying Canada, right in front of our eyes which is Treason!

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