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Sure Romana, i’ll volunteer to assist you for Alberta. My address and info is in the resume I sent you.

As for the born in Canada, yes we have corrupt politicians born in Canada, as well as new to Canada, so born here in and of itself isn’t a guarantee of a love of Canada. That said, being born here, gives an insight and appreciation of the culture and language we have. Someone showing up and running for office as they step off the boat, can’t possibly have a love for a country they know little about, and thus how can they represent the population? I wouldn’t dream of moving to a foreign country, not knowing the language or culture, never having lived there, and expect to run for office and have an understanding of what the people need and love. :/

The idea to randomly select the next politician for various offices would of course have to be voted on by the people, not just implemented without their input. If the role was treated more like a civic responsibility than a career choice. Still vetted, as mentioned. companies can contract out for 2 years a role that’s been vacated for this cause. As I said, soldiers can’t get fired for going over seas, so a politician called to service could get the same consideration. 🙂

I know in the end you’ll do what you want Romana – im just throwing out some ideas I think might be worth considering. We are all sick to death of corrupt politicians, and it hurts us when those politicians know little or nothing of Canada or its values, never mind the ones born here. Anyone can show up and say they love Canada, but if you can’t find their history for the past 30 years because they’re from a country that wont share intelligence on them – how can we say its ok for them to run the country? 🙂 We see that now with foreign investors flooding the housing markets with money from unknown sources, and banks just raking in the cash, no questions asked, yet Canadians born here have to be vetted for everything. Unfair. I worked for 2 banks in their mortgage departments, so I speak from experience.

Anyway, im happy to volunteer and give you more unsolicited opinions if you like, haha. Just kidding. 🙂 Have a great weekend!