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Thanks Ron.
Regarding the “Fresh Off the Boat” new Canadians running for Office…they can be dealt with by the Political Party they are joining – screening of their Candidates to make sure the individual is aligned with their values, mission, vision and goals…

The Leader sets the tone in terms what the Party stands for…And, ofcourse if the Leader is corrupt then it’s quiet difficult for him/her weed out corrupt personalities.

As for those whose history we cannot find- again that goes back to the Political Party’s responsibilities to vet their Candidates. Plus, our immigration system needs a major re-bump to better screen immigrants coming into Canada.

on the other hand, we have Canadian born politicians whom we know every detail about but when they get to office – they cannot resist the allure of shiny things and start selling our Country piece by piece and our People to Foreigners in exchange for financial kickbacks.

Congratulations on marrying someone from the Philippines.