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Hello everyone!
I just recently discovered Romana Didulo’s videos and I am truly impressed. I resonate deeply with everything she said and also her biography as I am also an entrepreneur who understands the value of small and medium size businesses. She is on a MISSION FROM GOD and I support her 100%. Radical changes need to happen in Canada and on Planet Earth for a higher consciousness to permeate our civilization. We all need to be excited about our lives and our future. Our youth depend on it. Corruption needs to be eradicated from this planet FOREVER. We all need to remember our humanity and ask ourselves this important question: What does it mean to be human and how do we preserve and cultivate it? We need to ignite our interest in becoming better humans for a better planet.
Congratulations on the beautiful website and clothing line with the logo. It’s simple, classy and refreshing! Love it!
In the near future, I would love to get involved with this ‘revolutionary’ party to help make it a success. Not sure how and in what capacity as the idea percolates in my heart, mind and soul.