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Holy shit people. This woman is so God damn transparent and you aren’t seeing through the bullshit. She literally took everything that trump did and just switched it to the Canadian version. Do you know why? Because Trump was able to make so much God damn money off of simps like you. He just pitted his base against the other half of America and made them think that they are “evil.” And after he convinced his base of that, thats when the grift came in. “Give us your money to help defeat the evil democrats.” And people gladly did and some to the point of bankruptcy. And alot of people unknowingly being enrolled in auto recurring contributions in a prechecked box that was so damn confusing most people didn’t notice until thousands of dollars were withdrawn from their bank. It’s fine if you oppose liberal ideas, its fine if you are conservative, it’s fine if you have a different vision for your country,, but it is not fine to demonize and view half of the country as less than human or evil just because some con man or con woman told you so. I’m sure you people have friends and family who need and want you to drop this crazy ideology and rejoin society. Best of luck from a person from an American who is a progressive liberal and views you as good human beings with lots to offer, but this ain’t it people.