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Gr8 Awakening

New to the Party… Yes!
I too am an avid listener of Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and others. I think the brave fellow who came online and posted of the Canadian Flag in distress was a great starter. It was even covered by some of the Fake Press. Kudos to him!
Like everyone else, I HOPE for Canada to keep her borders, manners, morals and friendship.. but ONLY with those who feel the same!
Listening to GeneDecode and how the underground tunnels have / are being cleaned out under Canada was a sign that OUR corruption was being tended to. How many actually KNEW this was going on? Not many! There are MANY to follow.
Listen to EVERYTHING and BELIEVE no one! Thinking for ‘yourself’ instead of following the herd is what we’ve all lost!
Romana has my attention! PEACE!