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      I finally got access to this forum.

      Canada’s security is seriously at risk. Much as what has happened to the EU with their open borders and their allowing of anyone to enter, it is coming to Canada as well.

      Along with that will come terror. Never doubt this. Guard your borders Canada.

      As an example – when you go to bed at night, do you leave the doors open for others to enter at will? Then why would you do this to your country?

      Looking forward to following this one. It will become a priority over time.

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      Our sovereignty has been handed over to the UN, IMF, and the WEF by Trudeau. What is coming is scary, Communism 3.0.
      What will it take to wake up everyone?
      Has anyone on this forum heard about the Liberal plan to forgive all debt and then own your home and property? This the plan in Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. The only thing that will prevent this in the US is Trump. The financial system is about to collapse.

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      We are free, we just all don’t know it yet. There are still lots of hurrdles to go but this is an amazing start. So happy to be part of this great awakening. WWG1WGA

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      I can’t wait to get this ball rolling. It’s long overdue here!

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      Canada needs its sovereignty as soon as possible and cut all ties to the British Monarchy. We need a government by the people for the people. The ‘voting machines’ need to be put to rest for good and secure measures need to be put in place for the counting of the votes. Sovereignty, freedom from all external control is paramount to rebirth Canada into a thriving nation. The same goes for all nations on this planet. Only then can there be a new alliance of nations (and republics) for the ultimate common goal of creating and fostering new systems worldwide that will finally serve ALL its inhabitants and our precious Mother Earth. I’m looking forward to seeing how this will come to fruition. I realize that this is a momentous goal but it has to start somewhere and this CANADA1st PARTY is indeed a breath of fresh air. May the winds of change begin to blow…

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      Canada will be free. There is nothing on earth short of someone nuking the population centers that can subdue the Canadian spirit. I believe there are enough military on the right side of this that we the people will be victorious, however even if not, the people will rise up in peaceful rebellion and retake our country by whatever means necessary.
      The Americans have it right when they say wwg1wga.

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      The process that we have become aware of since the announcement of Canada 1st Party has been ongoing for a long time, and has just become visible. The alliance which is multi-country, involving upright people in each country, working very hard to overthrow the old world controllers. Things are starting to move fast, and by being part of this forum we will be kept abreast of things. Namaste WWG1WGA

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      Latest intel from Romana Didulo is as follows that certainly all matches up with all current global news of the dismantling of the cabal

      From: HRH Romana Didulo, Head of State and Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada

      Dear Canada 2.0 Re: #UNTroops in Canada = #FakeNews
      There are #Zero UN Forces in Canada. The Military Aircrafts you see landing/departing are:
      1) #US Special Forces Aircrafts
      2) #Global Allied Special Forces Aircrafts
      3) #Federation of Earth Defense Special Forces (unmarked = no flags) Aircrafts
      4) IF, you see #unique Aircrafts -they are our #InterGalactic Federation Allied Special Forces.
      They are in Canada per my prior informed written consent.
      Re: Fraudulent Banking System: We are working on #eliminating your credit card debts, student loans, mortgages, interest payments, etc. Hold the line while we continue to #unshackle the “We The People” from the #enslavement perpetuated on Humanity.

      PS: Have added this to (bottom) – now a free wix site – with a note addressing how this supports the reason real estate has gone crazy in Canada, at least in Ontario, where properties are selling for $200-$600K over normal market value – because if mortgages are actually removed, hey, who cares what you had to pay for it as long as you have the monies to hold the line, right!

      Here’s to having free-countries, under a republic government, around the world for the freedom ‘ALL PEOPLE’ deserve and entitled … amen and amen, thank you, Jesus!

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        Thanks for posting this wearenotgod! Much appreciated.

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