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      Does this ‘global economic reset’ annul one of the most disgraceful,unlawful behind closed doors legislative act ever passed by a ‘government? Specific: Cestvi Que Vie Trust Act 1666. Are we to be bound by this following this’great reset’? Am I still to be an incorporated fiction of this legislation? Am I still to be rendered ‘dead’and cast out to sea and still replaced by this fictitious designation? Am I still to be bound by Maritime Admiralty Law? Is this newly established Republic going to persist on claiming I property of this Republic? Are “LEGAL” capacity terms such as “CITIZEN”, “PERSON” ,”RESIDENT” still going to mean the same as before in “LEGAL” capacity? What will become of THE BAR and its members? I have many more questions.

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      I believe we go from Admiral Law to Common/Constitutional Law. No more “strawmen in corporations”. The BAR members must step down and retrain in the new laws to be legal and lawful or find another profession. We will all need new ID cards, banking cards, etc. Huge undertaking, will begin with one step at a time.

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      A great reference to this and somewhere every Canadian should be following as it’s imperative to exactly this subject is awarriorcalls.com watch the foundational knowledge videos to start then watch and follow along in real time with him as he and we take down this corruption in our courts and restore common natural law.

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      I have read that under “Cestvi Que Vie Trust Act 1666” our birth certificate has been used and traded like a bond and that each one of us has an account linked to this birth certificate. Perhaps it’s the some with the social security number. This has been going on from birth and this is all over the world. In the USA the Birth Certificate and Social Security cards are both bonds, and worth money. Once Nesara/ Gesara will be active people can take the bond to the bank and get cash. I wonder if the same can happen in Canada.

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        I have read articles regarding our birth certificates etc as well. There seems to be some kind of “admiral law”? I’m not sure how it all works. But, I’m hoping that if/when GESARA happens, all of that will be null and void. GESARA is global, so, it will happen worldwide. My understanding is that the money/gold that has been confiscated from the crown of England and the Vatican and other corrupt places is where the money will come from. But, I may be wrong

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          I believe you are right about the confiscated gold, dollar value that I have heard is staggering. This is a very complicated topic for so many of us ‘lay’ people to truly understand. If I am to understand correctly GESARA is supposed to be completely implimented worldwide within the next few days, and when that happens an election must also becalled within 120 days. We must fight to get the right people in place, which to my thinking would be None of the present politicians in Canada at any level. We need clear thinking business people without an agenda of a political party. Finances will not be an issue once GESARA kicks in I think we have made a sound choice with Romana.

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