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      Perhaps someone has better information on this. I am not a techy, and have a hard time understanding some of this.
      Is the information of changes that I heard in regards to Internet, and Hydro services only effective in the US or is this worldwide?
      I heard that power would become free, being classified as an essential service. I also heard that the internet would be completely satellite and I believe this too was to be free, which would eliminate all servers. Would this include phone & tv services as well? Would we be launching cell service into satellite service for mobile phones?
      What I am really wondering is if this is a satellite service, will be all have to have satellite dishes? Or, is there now a link that does not require a dish. What kind of equipment will be required in order to connect?
      Other than QFS, what other changes can we look forward in the future after the elimination of the DS?

      I would love to hear the opinions and solutions that others may have. Whether fact or fictional. Sort of having some kind of idea or possible changes to our general way of living would help in planning both our personal as well as the restructuring of our nation.
      Infastructure is a major part of the world, and knowing what to expect would be beneficial for all.

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