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      [quote]Not familiar with Oliver Stone, but then I don’t go to alot of movies. My brain has gone on stalemate. I hadn’t really been out for a couple of days, and when I went out today I was quite surprised by how close the White Rock Lake Fire is to town. Looking to the West and Northwest of time you would be certain we were in for the storm of all storms. Which I would prefer. Another small town north of here was taken out, and some of the comments have been that the fire isn’t acting normal. My guess would be HAARP. I am preparing for evacuation. I have to be prepared as I have to help by evacuating my 95 year old mother from her facility as well. If we get the alert, we will go. I won’t wait for an order. With the fire so close I am surprised that we are not smokey right now. Unfortunately, it has been windy here all day. Hopefully, the wind will turn on itself and back over the burned area, and for the torrential rainfall without the fire from the sky. The rain might not be good from the fruit, but right now I don’t really care about the fruit. So, if you don’t hear anything from me for awhile (at some point) you will know why. Pray for British Columbia, that the fires will be brought to a sudden halt and spare us of the Deep State inferno. I go on Global News and all I see is COVID this & that. I guess they haven’t heard that the virus doesn’t exist.[/quote]

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