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      [quote]I so much agree with you Lynn, I hadn’t really thought of it this way, but you are right. We are awake and we found Romana. I was reading comments in RebelNews earlier about Romana proclaiming to be Queen and all the negativity. These are people that claim to be on the right side but they so much refuse to do research to discover what may very well be correct. One ‘gal’ and others keeps calling her a lunatic and mentally disabled. The refuse to consider that it may very well be true. The Rebel reporter sounds like more of an opinion reporter than a news reporter, very much like CNN or CBC. Speaking out completely against any possibilites of her leading the country. I think the biggest issue is that she is being called a queen. They will only think of a queen as a sovereign, and not as as person of service. Perhaps, that title should have been avoided, as I know from previous comments on various sites that people were against having the royals. I think the sooner that this all comes out the better. Once this comes out the country and the world can start the healing process. Sure there will be lots of cleanup that needs to be continued, but at the same time others can begin rebuilding, planning, re-educating, while at the same time being counselled to the realities of change. To do believe that many of these naysayers are really in denial and don’t realize that the whole world will be totally different than it was and it will never be the same again. PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR CANADA AND THE WORLD. What a wonderful prospect.[/quote]

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