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      Hello Everyone,

      I would like to contact Romana and Canada 1st Party regarding becoming involved in helping on an international or global scale, with the setting up of, and participating in rolling out the NEW Normal… Nesara Gesara, Great Awakening, return to Natural Law etc. The mail system on the website isn’t working for me. Please can somebody provide an email or alternate contact info.

      Thank you very much,


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      Not only about leadership roles, but, also for reporting UN personnel should anyone need to do so. Not everyone has anti- Social media accounts, and there is no way of forwarding photos to this site. With the announcement today that they are picking up the pace of Forcing the prick by going door to door. Not everyone is aware of the Cease and Desist order, and Trudeau’s orders are still being made whether or not it is him.

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      Hello im here

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      Hello. Will you please contact me one on one.
      Romana. My email is

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      A huge need is to reach out to Norman V Traversy and please advocate help for Guy Gerald Brummel and his list of corrupt Judges and Lawyers he has. He is aware of Rap Artist Drake being involved in his nephews murder. Canadian IT genius whom was slain Mathew Staekos or more online under Mathew of Heaven. Also search Guy Brummel’s Story under agent margarita or agent margaritaville. This story is huge and connected to the Fulton Cartel of mexico Canada.

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      Gr8 Awakening

      @Romana: Will there be an election again in Ontario? If so, when and can we get signs? There isn’t enough
      awareness of the party. Just asking!

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      My Kids are being for forced to wear masks at school and work and I hear there are cease and desist papers that can be served to the school and my work because they told me it’s mandatory. I was wondering if you would be able to direct me to the website or here’s my email I have looked everywhere to find legal cease and desist orders with no luck! Thanks for you time!

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      There is an army of Canadian patriots in every province that believe would step in when necessary to help put Canada back together. God speed.

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      Hello Romana and Canada 1St Admin Team,
      Thank you for all you have done and do every day!

      I reach out today as I would like to know if Canada 1st is ready to start receiving resumes/CVs for Leadership Roles in the Canada 2.0 administration?
      If so, would you please provide an email address for us to send our CVs to be considered for such roles.
      I have registered with the Canada 2.0 Military Applicants, and the many Provincial Groups that have been set up to bring Canadians together to help each other. Quite extraordinary how this is coming together.
      Standing by for instructions from the Team and ready to step up to help!
      Your Loyal Soldier,
      Beatrice Cardone

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      Is there a place here where I can see the next meet up of patriot supporters? I can’t create a new thread and I don’t see any lists of meetups.

      Loyally, eria

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