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      I am a follower of Charlie Ward and found your link.

      I have no idea that your organization existed!

      That maybe because I live on Vancouver Island and news travels slowly from East to West.

      Just want to validate your organization as your values coincide with my ideals!

      Doug Kitts

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      I live near Calgary and never heard of this until a couple of days ago. I sure hope it’s legit!

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      I like this Cease and Desist letter (May 28, 2021) and am willing to send it to intended recipients BUT WHOM SHALL COME TO ENFORCE??? The police work for the Crown corporation “Canada”. The Canadian Armed Forces??? Please enlighten on this process Commander-in-Chief

      My other question is why the title HRH Queen Lady Romana Didulo? We are no longer under monarchy rule, no?

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      I’m on board. Finally a Canada1stParty.
      This is We The People for Canada. We need the US military under Donald Trump, the Canadian military under Romana Didulo to take down the Cabal that has overtaken Canada and save our children save our futures from these evil people.

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      All I want is the truth and get us our lives back, the small business need to open again and children need to go out and play with their friends without being afraid.

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      Why is no one replying to our queries?

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      Yes. Please give us a way to validate that this is REAL. We ALL love the idea of this. Romana is very Special & a breath of fresh air.
      When we tell others about this and share the website, we come up against those who call it a psyops. If it’s a psyops it’s a REALLY good positive one. Canadians would do well to believe Romana’s videos to help manifest them into law. A LOT of what she says is what N.E.S.A.R.A act would be when put into action.

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      Hello everyone!
      I just recently discovered Romana Didulo’s videos and I am truly impressed. I resonate deeply with everything she said and also her biography as I am also an entrepreneur who understands the value of small and medium size businesses. She is on a MISSION FROM GOD and I support her 100%. Radical changes need to happen in Canada and on Planet Earth for a higher consciousness to permeate our civilization. We all need to be excited about our lives and our future. Our youth depend on it. Corruption needs to be eradicated from this planet FOREVER. We all need to remember our humanity and ask ourselves this important question: What does it mean to be human and how do we preserve and cultivate it? We need to ignite our interest in becoming better humans for a better planet.
      Congratulations on the beautiful website and clothing line with the logo. It’s simple, classy and refreshing! Love it!
      In the near future, I would love to get involved with this ‘revolutionary’ party to help make it a success. Not sure how and in what capacity as the idea percolates in my heart, mind and soul.

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      This sounds too good to be true! Really hope it is because I agree with the platform 100% and would be proud to support this Canada 1st Party! God knows we need to uproot and make Canada great!

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      You are what the world needs. Canada is blessed. God speed.

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      Governance in Canada will be completely revamped. We The Canadian People have been nothing but slaves. Going forward NOW we will still be Canada, Glorious and Free, but we will be one with God’s People, the great Alliance of those who love and serve the living God, our Creator. Canada will be a great Nation Under God, we will have a glorious future for our children and grand children for a thousand years, as God has promised. God will continue His creation of us. The best truly is just beginning!

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      You all are deluded. Another wacko spreading lies wanting power and a platform to speak. You all act as if you’re patriots but are a true embarrassment to Canada. Looking for someone to blame all your hardships on and that there’s some secret society holding you down.

      You’re all so willing to accept some self appointed commander or queen? Fuck off out of Canada and go find some self imposed dictators dick to suckle on.

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        Wow. Lol. I agree this is definitely questionable to say the least. It appears that most are willing to blindly follow anyone. When even easy questions were asked on the telegram channel, we were immediately banned. Lol.

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        Sir, you are either a troll or are still asleep as to what is truly going on not only within Canada but the world over. The world has been run by a satanic cult for hundreds of years.

        In short order you will be shown the truth which unfortunately you may not want to know due to it’s disturbing nature.

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        BEAT IT canSIR VAX BOY

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      Gr8 Awakening

      New to the Party… Yes!
      I too am an avid listener of Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and others. I think the brave fellow who came online and posted of the Canadian Flag in distress was a great starter. It was even covered by some of the Fake Press. Kudos to him!
      Like everyone else, I HOPE for Canada to keep her borders, manners, morals and friendship.. but ONLY with those who feel the same!
      Listening to GeneDecode and how the underground tunnels have / are being cleaned out under Canada was a sign that OUR corruption was being tended to. How many actually KNEW this was going on? Not many! There are MANY to follow.
      Listen to EVERYTHING and BELIEVE no one! Thinking for ‘yourself’ instead of following the herd is what we’ve all lost!
      Romana has my attention! PEACE!

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        Hello all, and Gr8Awakening,

        I am a listener of Charlie Ward, and Simon Parkes as well. Thanks to them, I learn about what Trump, Q, and his Teams are doing for the best of America and our world. I found Romana on Facebook and what she said makes the same sense and shows us the “ugly, dangerous Ottawa swamp creatures” from what I learned from Trump, Q as they and their Teams working so hard, tirelessly to “drain up the Washington swamp”, and the “swamps” around the world! Hopefully, more peoples to wake up to see what true, what fake from the Mass System Media.

        Congratulations to Canada 1st Party, and Commander in Chief Romana!

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      I am in need of a copy of the cease and desist order form, and all pertinent documents and forms to be copied and served to deserving individuals and locations. I could not download any from the / site , due to , I”ve been 3O years off grid and have no cell to register with telegram, AND TELEGRAM WILL NOT REGISTER THROUGH A LAND LINE. I am willing and able to start delivering these desist orders in the West Kootenays of soon as I have a facsimile of the orders to start printing copies. ASAP , if anyone can supply, please send to rick at appreciated , Rick , Disciple of CHRIST & Canadian republic patriot.

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      if you don’t like this platform, then leave. no one forced you to be here. open your eyes and see what has been going on in this world for 100’s of years and getting worse. DJT saved us from the NWO or we would have nothing and be happy:( (klaus schwab statement and BTW, he is arrested (commi)

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        AMEN! DJT and the military are saving the world as I type this. Thank god this is happening now, the outlook otherwise would have been a living nightmare.

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      I have been awake certainly for a while, like maybe 2018, but preceding this I got into near-death experiences, around 2015….Having Watched the movie Heaven Is For Real, which kinda got me started. Since I retired at the end of August 2018….I had time on my hands….and fell gradually down the rabbit hole. I currently follow 254 U tube channels…a number of bitchute and Rumble channels was on facebook …kicked off as well as twitter! Currently on Gab !!!!! My family and friends think I’m nuts….But ….as Popeye the the sailor would say….”I’z am whats I’z am….”…Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong…Nothings gonna change that !!!!! The world is a changing and that my friends is a total positive!!!! Our CREATOR is taking care of his children!!!!! Thank God for Donald J. Trump and all the wonderful people and “OTHERS” that are saving US and Our wonderful planet !!!!! WWG1WGA

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      My Kids are being for forced to wear masks at school and work and I hear there are cease and desist papers that can be served to the school and my work because they told me it’s mandatory. I was wondering if you would be able to direct me to the website or here’s my email I have looked everywhere to find legal cease and desist orders with no luck! Thanks for you time!

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        Drizzt1331–Get out while your ahead. You will never be responded to. This site is 100% hoax. The cease and desist orders also do not exist. Nobody knows anything about Romana Didulo. I have tried to get her to respond and nothing.

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