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      Your website Registration is a mess of confusion. One page does not allow proceeding without entry of a cell phone number. and not every one uses such a device. Another page bounces between user name and email address fields. I suggest you clean up the confusing mess and replace it with a simple name. email and password page ASAP before more prospective supporters just give up trying to Register.

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      Gr8 Awakening

      Yes it is. If you copy the link for the CONTACT US it takes you to something completely different!

      This is the LAST thing the Corrupt parties of Canada wants is an outsider.. they do to her like they do to Trump.
      WE can’t stand for that!

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      It has taken me nearly 2 weeks to get the password to work. It is obvious to me that someone needs to straighten this out immediately if you expect membership to grow.

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      I do not use or own a cell My registration and password worked seemlessly 2 days ago , but telegram will not let me register without a cell , so I can not download a copy of the cease and desist order to copy and start handing out does anyone know where i can get a coopy , or have one emailed to me?///rick

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      We, like many other awake seniors we know, also either do not have any type of cellular telephone, or have a cellular phone simply for emergency access without an internet access plan; therefore these people cannot see all the associated Telegram sites and messages from other sources, including what appears to be associated with your site.
      Is it possible to “mirror” the Telegram messages from; and somewhere on this site, (i.e. this Forum or other simple Log On areas), or through something else for people without handheld device internet access?
      We are seeing many excellent questions and concerns that many people undoubtedly have on the Forum that might be answered in Telegram. It appears some people are being frustrated when answers do not appear on the “Forum” site, but perhaps these people may not have access or have limited ability to access/view Telegram.
      We ran into literally several “circular loops” since we do not have Internet access on our cellular telephones; Telegram requires a connected portable device which we do not have. A work around is suggested using Twitter, which we also do not have, another work around TEXTNOW requires Facebook, Google or Apple; we do not use any of these as they are/were not, in our opinion, secure.
      Please assist all Canadians to have equal access to the messages posted to Telegram, especially since we might need access during an Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), etc.
      Some sites also provide their specific “Internet Protocol (IP) Address” access information (before unexpected/unknown internet/grid-down issues occur) to their website/messages so that users can have alternate direct access during such times.
      Thank you to you and all your staff/volunteers for all the hard work that is being done behind the scenes. It is most greatly appreciated by many!

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      I am in total agreement with jljensen254. We should be getting total access to everything in regards to what is happening. Perhaps a more accessible forum is necessary, one where we can get direct answers to our concerns. You will not gain the necessary support if people cannot get answers. I have mentioned Romana and Canada 1st to many people and some have actually laughed at me for being sucked in. I don’t believe this is the case and that we are on the right track, but we need to start moving forward quickly in order to be prepared for the next election, which could be much sooner than later.
      We need to know the status of the party and the candidates there needs to be strong candidates in every riding. Without this everything if fruitless. We need to start speaking out, but there isn’t much point without proper leadership.

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      i thought that i was the only one having difficulties getting onto telegram, but reading the above replies, i’m not alone. i’d love to be able to access telegram, but i’m in the same boat as you folk’s, so what can be done to help us out?

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      i’m with you on this. i watched a video on how to download telegram, did the install and it’s not working with my cell that was registered with the account. i have unistalled and installed 4 times to no avail, so what is a person to do. my son is very knowledgeable in computer’s and he checked this out for me and does not know the answer.i would like to participate in the med bed technology, but once to no avail. any suggestions?

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      Rosa B.

      Hello Queen Romana and patriots. I use to be one of the first person to join your Telegram forum, but for some reason it became “private”. I am quite disappointed and would really appreciate if someone help me to join Queen Romana again on Telegram. Thank you very much.

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