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      How do we deal with the financial crash that will occur. With a economy detached so far from the stock market that when the stock market comes back to reality,there will be more financial pain then now. Every home owner with in the last few years will lose everything if interest rates go up just 1%. How can we fix this financial economy that we are now without causing lots of pain to Canadians. We have the bank of canada buying the same amount of Treasury bond our government is selling then calling it economy growth. We as a country are now broke sold all our gold import far more then we export. How do we get back to sound money system like gold standard.

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      Hello Ickebar, the financial global system crash is about to happen in short order. People need not be concerned or make any drastic decisions at the moment. With the exception of bitcoin and the like, 99% of them will not survive.

      The QFS ” Quantum Financial System ” has already been activated and all countries will use this system. As all corrupt world governments are taken down and replaced we will all be part of the QFS in a timely rollout. Digital wallets will be used alongside normal bank accounts etc. People need not worry about retirement savings and plans, everything will be taken care of in the future. The reparations alone will alone will set everybody up quite nicely. The dollars will eventually be 1 to 1 worldwide and prices will resort to 1950’s prices. There is so much more of this subject we could discuss but rest assured everyone will be taken care of.

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