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      Good evening!

      All videos are now uploaded to the website and video library is created.

      The theme does not allow video thumbnails. So the title link is how you access individual videos for now.


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      Hi, I would like to inform you that the link to subscribe to your newsletter (on the main page) is not working. Once clicked, it just hangs forever.
      Additionally, registering to this site is not easy at all. Clicking the links didn’t work, or it was redirecting me to some unrelated page. At some point I got an error message that the limit of 500 had been reached and that I should buy a “Pro” subscription or something. After abandonning the idea of joining, I later received an email with a link to set my password…
      Not intuitive at all!
      Please streamline this process if you want subscribers.

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      I got that same message, the 500 limit. But when I went back and tried going in a different way. An email was sent where I created a password. It is a little wonky but here I am so something worked but it was not a smooth transition. So happy to be logged in. Yay!!

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      And all of this is sooo sloooow!
      Just accessing the site this morning took more than a minute.
      Canada1st, you’ve got to get this going if you want Canadians to support you.

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      I had received the same error message as well. However, I am persistent lol. Here I am. Looking forward to learning what this new political party is all about

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      Seek The Truth

      I agree with everything stated in the above posts. I am still trying to see if this is even legitimate. When the site is lagging so much and I can’t find an address on the website or a signature on any letterhead on an immediate press release of May 28 it makes me all wonder.

      Another citizen stated they found ties to Free Masons even with the Illuminati pyramid. YouTuber Dean of Patriot Parabellum is saying as of two hours ago May 29 a person of Japanese heritage can not even qualify as a leader etc. Innuendos, BS, lies, half truths. I am trying to decipher on the road to truth, freedom and liberty

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      Good day,
      There is a typo in this sentence on the Forum intro page:

      to put Canada and Canadians first in every decidion we make as a Government.

      Best Regards

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      Website developer: Please add a forum topic for “MANDATORY MASKS” and post my mission to have masks eliminated in Ontario

      Mask mandates are still in effect in Ontario, after 15 months of a supposed pandemic, requiring teachers and students to wear masks for hours at a time in class, including exercise classes and playing sports.

      My goal is to have board supplied masks professionally analyzed for composition and chemical content. The second part of the analysis includes a microscopic probe for proof of nanotechnologies embedded in designated masks. Some legal fees will also ensue at the time of presenting the lab findings.

      Patriots, please consider donating to this very worthwhile and necessary cause.

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