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      IMPORTANT QUESTION MOVING FORWARD: What is Romana Didulo’s position on Socialism/Marxism? Why?

      1/ I notice in her promised platform, there is nothing about religious freedom – in other words – Canada as well as the USA were founded on the Judeo-Christian Principle and foundation. It is one thing to establish equality and freedom to practice all faiths without judgement, while the restoration for global confirmation is that Canada is a Christian nation first; UNLESS OF COURSE someone show that said faith is not inerrant and infallible as claimed and proven!

      2/ The underlying premise of the current PlanDemic is about socialism/marxism/communism that is strongly promoted by the Gamaliel Network – which is typical of said foundations to mask their true intentions, while luring in Christian leaders with a warped and personal perspective of God’s word – therefore, if our new leaders stands in favor or supports the likes of the three noted positions, then we are headed right back down a similar rabbit hole as the PlanDemic monsters still holding us hostage.

      RESOURCE AS TO HOW WE GOT IN THIS MESS – https://worldviewweekend.lpages.co/sabotage-the-movie/

      PS: For example – Why do we see England (UK) flag for English and France flag for French and we are in Canada – considering we are not under the British Monarchy – we are Canadian, right?

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      In my opinion, Romana is following the whate hats protocol. She is for the freedom of we the people of Canada.
      That means to me freedom of religion and life for all Canadians. No socialism/communisim under her leadership.

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      Thought maybe, Belson … sounds in line with her platform and quote “I DON’T PLAY POLITICS.” I love all and judge none, but always good to know where we stand, for that freedom is on edge of being lost, and in our own strength, we only continue messing it up – so let us trust that this is and/or remains her focus!

      Thank you for taking the time to reply – very kind …

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      @wearenotgod stay positive white hats are in control. We are going through this pain so we never do this again and to wake up the remaining ones who are still in the brainwashed sleep.
      God’s plan is working and on his timeline not ours.

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      We also need to remember that this has to be a learning curve for Romana as well. We (the patriots) need to work with her to help develop the Canada that we remember and love. This is not going to be an easy task, but the more we work together the better things will become. The biggest thing will be the keep the negative nellies at bay. If you haven’t got anything positive to say, then it is best not to say it. Unless that negativity can be turned around to be a positive.

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      Gr8 Awakening

      THIS is just my take on this.. nothing more.
      I listen to Jared Rand, only because he’s ‘for humanity’, trying to build a celestial chamber for healing and he speaks a LOT of truth.
      He spoke of RELIGION before.. and this is what I got:
      1) Who wrote the bible? No one knows.
      2) It WAS written by man, but who?
      3) How many VERSIONS of the bible are there?
      4) Why do different Denominations DIFFER?
      5) If man wrote it, could it be true and WHY do we TRUST IT?
      6) Why were certain books HIDDEN from the people at the Vatican?
      and on and on..
      Then he said, your GOD is ‘within’ you.. (you were made in his image) so why do you pray to the sky?
      He made sense. He didn’t preach to me, but gave me logical questions to THINK about. (Your body is your temple)
      So what I’ve come to realize, is this:
      NO ONE was born to hate, kill or be evil.. we were TRAINED to do these things.
      We should love EVERYONE as we love ourselves.
      Because I do my day to day with this feeling, I have no need for a Bible or pay to figure it out for myself.
      THAT’S just me. We also have ‘choice.’
      Peace n Love everyone!

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      I have tried leaving a comment x2, that answers all your questions, G8 (Kevin – wearenotgod@pm.me) and it doesn’t show up; the bible isn’t like much, and sad, considering the likes of New Age/Universality thinking fits with Karl Marx and his marxism personal quote objective in life and that is to DETHRONE GOD AND DESTROY CAPITALISM … when nothing can beat nor challenge the freedom of what both of these offer the world as a whole.

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