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    I too had the same problem as you with Telegram.
    I’m finally on it. Romana is on there with more than 66,000 followers.
    I don’t know how to help you..
    I too waited for a message that never arrived.
    I ended up installing it on my PC at home (Windows) but had to use my cell for the code because
    my landline phone never gave me squat.
    I didn’t want to have Telegram on my cell because of the cost for data..
    Romana replies on there daily plus has more than 80 pages for Help for those who need it ie. Groceries, Rent etc.

    Gr8 Awakening

    Romana HAS BEEN confirmed to be REAL

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    Gr8 Awakening

    Can you show us your proof? Links etc.
    Until then, I will STILL support her.

    Gr8 Awakening

    @CanadianFighter Please don’t lose the faith! We need you.
    You must remember.. just like with Trump, the Media, paid bots and others trashed him for 4 years = He’s anti-Deep State.
    I will give Romana the time she needs to ‘prove’ herself.
    I can’t access Telegram on my PC and I don’t use my cell with data. But I believe in her as we don’t have anyone else
    that cares to lead us through this mess.

    Please hang in!
    Southern Ontario PEACE!

    Gr8 Awakening

    I believe in Romana.. who else do we have? She is offering what WE need.
    Others support her also.. Just sayin’

    Starship Earth: The Plan to Save the World is a Wonder to Behold

    Gr8 Awakening

    @Percy… Nevermind.. I got it. Thanks for posting this video!

    Gr8 Awakening

    How about a LINK in Rumble to download and share with the sheep? PLEASE???

    Gr8 Awakening

    Very Good News FINALLY for those of us can’t get Telegram to install.
    Thank you for posting this!

    Gr8 Awakening

    I hate to say this.. but If Romana ‘truly’ wanted her followers to hear and follow her, she’s select another platform besides Telegram
    where we could ALL contact her. This subject was the title for this thread and it’s yet to be answered.

    I was so hopeful that this was legit.. but we don’t ‘hear’ from her and have to rely on others posts.
    THAT’S not leadership.
    Canada is in trouble and WE have lots of questions. It’s shameful that we have search other journalist / reporters etc to find out
    where we stand or what’s truly going on.
    MAYBE someone will share this message with her.

    Gr8 Awakening

    Just saw this video (for the USA) and I’m wondering if there is something SIMILAR for Canada.
    I’ve been asking American Lawyers if they are aware of something and waiting to hear back.
    ALSO. I too am unable to get on Telegram. How can we get some answers from Romana?
    Anyone know?


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    Gr8 Awakening

    THIS is just my take on this.. nothing more.
    I listen to Jared Rand, only because he’s ‘for humanity’, trying to build a celestial chamber for healing and he speaks a LOT of truth.
    He spoke of RELIGION before.. and this is what I got:
    1) Who wrote the bible? No one knows.
    2) It WAS written by man, but who?
    3) How many VERSIONS of the bible are there?
    4) Why do different Denominations DIFFER?
    5) If man wrote it, could it be true and WHY do we TRUST IT?
    6) Why were certain books HIDDEN from the people at the Vatican?
    and on and on..
    Then he said, your GOD is ‘within’ you.. (you were made in his image) so why do you pray to the sky?
    He made sense. He didn’t preach to me, but gave me logical questions to THINK about. (Your body is your temple)
    So what I’ve come to realize, is this:
    NO ONE was born to hate, kill or be evil.. we were TRAINED to do these things.
    We should love EVERYONE as we love ourselves.
    Because I do my day to day with this feeling, I have no need for a Bible or pay to figure it out for myself.
    THAT’S just me. We also have ‘choice.’
    Peace n Love everyone!

    Gr8 Awakening

    I use to watch / listen to Rebel News but as of late.. I believe they too are controlled opposition. When they did the interview with Chris Sky, all they did was trash him as they are doing to Romana.
    One thing we need in Ontario.. is for the STORES to be informed that masks are no longer mandatory since June 09 2021.
    NO ONE is informing them to take their signs down. They are keeping people in fear and this needs to stop!
    Thank you everyone for WAKING UP.. This is OUR time now..

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    Gr8 Awakening

    @Romana: Will there be an election again in Ontario? If so, when and can we get signs? There isn’t enough
    awareness of the party. Just asking!

    Gr8 Awakening

    Have you seen where TRUDEAU has now signed a new agreement with pfizer for more kill-shots? MILLIONS
    There is NO PANDEMIC, Masks are a sign of surrender and do NOTHING. The PCR Tests can’t detect squat.
    If you’ve been SMART, you’ve thought for yourselves and not LISTENED to the FakeStreamMedia and took the Clown_19 jab!

    The COVERUP of 45,000 VAX DEATHS and MANY more coming!

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    Gr8 Awakening

    Good for you Adam. We are ALL living in troubling times. When my doctor’s office called me to come in the for the jab.. I simply said:
    ‘It’s experimental. It’s NOT a vaccine. There is NO pandemic. My insurance wouldn’t cover me if I had side effects as will no one else. Therefore.. I won’t be taking the jab and furthermore.. YOU can have mine.’ That was the end of that.
    My son who shares a lease with me in Ontario (he has PTSD) is also awake and will not take it. I’ve tried to wake many. I feel horrible for those that ‘have’ as they will DO what they are told and THAT’S how we ended up in this mess.
    Their intent (the Deep State) is to stop ‘humans’ from multiplying for three generations. (which is why this jab affects both male and female productive organs.) They (Biden and Trudeau) have a quota to reach (for vaccinated) and they will not meet it.. which is why Skippy is pushing the jab desperately. The jab will also affect their immune system now which will make them sick during the flu season. Stay awake, stay strong and stay true to the TRUTH.. in the end, God Wins! PEACE!

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