1. Build Canada’s National Economic Corridor:
    Oil,Gas,Water pipelines,Electricity,Internet,Cellular phone towers, highways,Manufacturing facilities, Refineries andMega ports (job, jobs, jobs creation)
  2. Lower Taxes – we’re lowering your personal, small and medium businesses and large corporations taxes – to create more jobs and stimulate our economic growth, and put more cash in your pocket.
  3. Smaller Government -we are going to reduce the current government size from 100% to 30%
  4. Job creation and protection (Canadianization of jobs -Canadians get the first dibs on jobs first not Foreign Professional workers)
  5. Invest in Canada for Canadians – with the creation of 3 Investment Sovereign Wealth Funds: (a) Canada’s Investment Sovereign Wealth Funds, (b) Canada’s Indigenous Investment Wealth Funds, and (c) Canada’s Veterans Investment Wealth Funds.



  1. The Safety and Sovereignty of Canada cannot be left to other Nations. And, as a result of that fundamental belief Canada1st Government will Increase our Military, Navy, and Air force budget to ensure Canada is independently capable of protecting her borders and Citizens.
  2. Canada1st Government will defund and withdraw Canada’s membership from the UN, WHO, WTO, ICC, and CDC. and CBC



  1. Investigate and prosecute corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, healthcrats and law enforcement agencies



  1. Investigate and prosecute illegal drugs traffickers, human traffickers, weapons traffickers and child traffickers, etc.



  1. Cancel all Foreign Aid Funding.
  2. Canadian Troops shall only be deployed for “Peace Keeping Mission” zero “combat” missions.
  3. Freeze Immigration except for Investor Immigrants (opening businesses in Canada), and immediate Family Reunification.
  4. To remain neutral on all Foreign Political issues.



Reducing personal taxes, corporations, and eliminating carbon tax.